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Kavian Faraz Mission

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Equipping the country's industries with the most efficient and reliable machines
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Supplying the best quality raw materials and original spare parts with a focus on increasing productivity
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Designing spare parts with an emphasis on creativity and the use of new technologies to increase the resilience of the country's industries

What are Kavian Faraz Services?

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Design and manufacture of parts
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Gear from diameter 10 to 750 mm, from 0.5 to 16 module
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Spiral gear from 1° to 45°, left and right angle
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Helical gear from 10 mm to 750 mm in diameter
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Internal grinding from 8 to 1500 mm in diameter and one-meter long
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Solar gears
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Material preparation and analysis
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Induction heat treatment of shaft up to 7 meters long and rotating shaft up to 4 meters in diameter
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Grinding of axial and conical parts with a length of 6 meters and a diameter of 10 mm
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Supply of parts and machines
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Industrial gearboxes from the most reliable brands in the world
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Coupling (gear, elastomer, spring)
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Control valves
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Instrumentation (sensors)
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Industrial generators
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Hydraulic and hydropneumatic systems
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Pneumatic equipment
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Air compressor
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Electrical equipment
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Splines on shaft (internal and external)
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Spare parts for road construction and mining machinery


Design | Construction | Repair

Kavian Faraz Iranian Company, in line with the industry’s need to supply special parts and to achieve self-sufficiency, has started a workshop for designing, manufacturing, and repairing specialized parts in the company. Also, through participation in investment and taking advantage of the scientific capability of expert and efficient engineers, it has produced high-quality parts under international standards and provided them to customers.

Kavian Faraz Iranian company with a long history of cooperation with petrochemical oil, gas, cement, and mining machinery companies, can produce parts that compete with foreign samples. The specialized industrial workshop of this company is ready to provide the services by using modern technology and technical knowledge with the necessary standards for high-quality products.

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خدمات کاویان فراز
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We are committed to providing professional solutions for diverse products to global customers.

Products and ServicesProducts and Services
Supplying materials and equipment from the world's top brands

Original spare parts

Imports of spare parts for road construction, mining, and crane machinery

لوازم یدکی اصل

Equipment supply

Imports and exports of mechanical and electrical equipment of heavy industries

تامین تجهیزات

Railway industry

Imports of spare parts for the railway industries (freight and passenger)

صنایع ریلی

Industrial generators and compressors

Imports of industrial generators and compressors

ژنراتور و کمپرسورهای صنعتی


Imports of specialized bearings


Water purifier

Imports and exports of industrial water purifiers along with their consumables and accessories

تسویه آب

Supply of raw materials

Supply of raw materials such as scrap iron, copper, pellets, concentrates

مواد اولیه

Supply of industrial parts and tools

Supplying specialized tools and industrial consumable parts such as welding tools, cutting, and
grinding stones, electric and hand tools

ابزار صنعتی